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Welcome to PHP-Nuke Guild!

This is the PHP-Nuke Guild revival project. Below is a snipped of the site's history and I'll let it speak for itself. If you wonder about the $950 domain name, it actually expired and was registered for $10.50. And it came with 611 links pointing to it. A bargain.

Possibility of re-opening: in discussion, the site will be re-opened.

June 20 2007

I have surfed on some site and I have see some story submited by **** or ********... the story say I have closed the site for personal reason. Sorry but the site is close because of him! I receive so much insulte about him every day and try to force me to sell the domain for 200$. Sorry, but I want the community back online and also the support. He have also making shit on clan-themes (contacting members via the PM system offering payed work, and a few other things). This guy's try to have the control of the project and have started a site with ***********. Unfortunatly for him he's site will stay non-official and dont have any association with he's site. 
Currently I waiting about the request list of the current staff board. For now if nothing change, all staff will stay in the PNC team exepted **** and ***********. We try to re-open the site soon as is possible including the developpement and the support. I cant stop other site to open and make support but I can say good luck! I would like to have the site back online for June 25 or before, but I want everything fix with the staff member first. If you have any question or suggestion, you can always contact me at ***********. 

June 19 2007
The discution progress about the site re-opening. We have decide to re-open the site soon. We need to fix some details first but it going on the good way. We will coming with details soon! Check this out!

Regards, CrazyCrack 

June 19 2007
I can understand some of you. Yes its true it piss off! But I'm also piss off. I start that project 4 years ago with nothing. With the time some staff have join the team. So left and some stay. But sincerly I was try to keep it online for a long time. But some of the staff want the control of the site. Personally I cant understand that kind of person. I receive non-stop insult from they person. But do you really think I will give they all the control. He try to force me to sell my domain for 200$. Sorry but I dont sale. That why the price are so high (950$), its not because I want the money but if someone want to give me that I will sale. Seriously I know the staff, I know we have problem on booard. I'm presently in discussion with some of the staff to re-open the site. But if we re-open it will be without the 2 clown thinking it can take the control. I try to discuss but it was he's way or no way. But sorry I'm not like that. That person, I will dont tell he's name because its already showed on the site, want to take control of the theme shop too. Yeah right! 50% of the theme there was coded by me. I will give him my work yeah. If he want money, make theme! Anyway, after insult by email everyday I turn the switch to off. Now everyone calm down and we can discuss. I hope the discussion with the staff will have a good ending. 

I apologize with the community and hope we will have the site up soon. And sorry but I let my email on the site. For now I receive 10-20 email by days. Some its for support, some its to offer services and some want to offert me free hosting. But I'm ok with the hosting. Thx again! Just to let you know everyone I dont want the community fall. But we really need re-organization in the team. I try to close a deal in the next day with the staff. 

BTW for some of you telling my I'm doing this project only for money, sorry! Like you can see I close the site. Site close = No money! And in the deal with the staff I offer free hosting and I'm ready to transfert the domain name to the most important person on the staff. He's the only one able to keep the site up and he have 100% my respect. I think everyone know who I'm talking about. 

Anyway, if some of you have question or suggestion my email are listed on the site. And no, I'm not on crack! 

Regards, CrazyCrack 

June 15 2007
We are sorry about all this, the decision to close the site came after the decision of some of the staff member wanted to take the control of the site. After discussion and trying to negotiate, some staff like "****" told me I don't have the control of the site anymore and he doesn't want to negociated.

Personally I'm tired about all this problem with "****" and "***********". I don't want to continue with threats like If I don't want to release the domain name PHPNUKE-GUILD.COM he will bring the team and continue the project on another name. Its really bad, I started that project 4 years ago and build a nice team. PNC 4.3 are the best clan CMS on the net. And close everything is not an easy descission.

Presently I'm still open for comment and suggestion. You can contact me at ***********. 
I have 2 solution in my mind at this moment, First, I will rebuild the team and continue the PNC project with new staff or I will sales the domain name for 950.00 $USD. 
If you are currently a member of the team and you want to stay with the team and respect my proposition, contact me (***********). 
If you want to buy the domain name, its 950.00 $USD. You can also contact me at ***********. 

I want to apologized with XenoMorpH, he is the best staff on this project and also the co-administrator. I'm sorry about everything but some guy's like **** and *********** didn't give me the choice. If you have any solutions, you can contact by email. 

For all customer of hosting services, the support center will stay open. I will proceed to the tranfert of your account on AreYouServed.com. You will keep you hosting with the same price of us. We will contact you soon for more info.Again I'm sorry about this but they didn't give me the choice.


 PHPNuke Guild Revival Project

PNC is the Ultimate Clan System
We try to provide the best tools to help you to build your clan website!

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