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 June 19 2007

PHP-NukeAnonymous writes "I'm presently in discussion with some of the staff to re-open the site. But if we re-open it will be without the 2 clown thinking they can take the control."

Posted by God on Wednesday, January 09 @ 14:15:46 EST (117 reads)
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 June 15 2007

PHP-NukeAnonymous writes "We are sorry about all this, the decision to close the site came after the decision of some of the staff member wanted to take the control of the site."

Posted by God on Wednesday, January 09 @ 14:02:39 EST (89 reads)
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 Continuation and Future

PHP-NukeAnonymous writes "Firstly, as you can see, the site is open again for use and business. There will be no immediate changes carried out, and it will be business as normal, while we take the opportunity to get to know the community and to see how things have worked up until now."

Posted by God on Wednesday, January 09 @ 13:59:13 EST (1197 reads)
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PHP-NukeAnonymous writes "PNC 3.0.1 (installation step by step) + PNC 2.1.1 to 3.0.1 Update.  + PNC 3.0.0.b to 3.0.1 Update."

Posted by God on Wednesday, January 09 @ 13:32:51 EST (94 reads)
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 PNC 3.0.1 (PHP-Nuke 7.6.b.2)

PHP-NukeAnonymous writes "Welcome to PNC Version 3.0.1 which we have updated with all the current fixes using PHP-Nuke Platinum 7.6.b.2 Fixed Edition with the forums phpbb 2.0.17. The PNC project is a package of the default PHP-Nuke with 150+ pre-installed features and security fixes all optimized in one free package (PHP-Nuke Platinum 7.6.b.2). The "Original Package" and information can be found here. We have also added over 100 avatars, installed 27 arcade games, the Cash Mod, the Shop Mod as well as numerous other features have also been added & fixed from Techgfx's 7.6 version. To bring this package to PNC, we add vWar 1.5R11 PHPNUKE Hi-Wire and add some vWar and communication blocks!"

Posted by God on Wednesday, January 09 @ 12:52:31 EST (94 reads)
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 PHPNuke Guild Revival Project

PNC is the Ultimate Clan System
We try to provide the best tools to help you to build your clan website!

Posted by God on Friday, August 07 @ 14:41:02 EDT (4680 reads)
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